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Originally Posted by bonjovi90 View Post
He was essential for the band's rock star image in the band, but I felt he had a hard time keeping up with the rest both musically and physically when they regrouped for KTF.
Hard to judge his character, I think he was a bit of an odd ball. In terms of their live sound being tight and spot on, I prefer Hugh. Logically, Hugh's playing is closer to the album versions
Yeah Hugh played on all albums except Fahrenheit. I still prefer Alec because he had amazing charisma and I just love and idolize him. Sadly he was a heavy drinker and the rumor says that is why he was fired, but the truth is he stopped drinking short after the regroup, he just didn't rehearse that much and made mistakes constantly. Also Jon didn't like him. He banned him from doing interviews or speaking much at press conferences. "Nobody cares about you Alec" Jon stated. He never told him he was the one who secretly banning him. This was from NJ era that is why you can see some Al interviews from SWW and before. He got enough of BJ in 1993, he was planning to quit from the band anyways before he was fired, so he still wouldn't be in the band even if he wasn't fired.
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