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Originally Posted by bobby_from_finland View Post
During the SWW era in an i nterview Alec and Tico were reffered as the "most experienced musicians in the band." Alec was the second after David who Jon called. To be honest, if it wasn't for Alec, there wouldn't be Bon Jovi as we know it, he made Tico and Richie join the band. Alec had played with both Richie and Tico before Jon called him up, so they would have known that he "sucked". He only started sucking after his motor cycle accident in early 90s.
But that would't account for why his bass tracks were replaced in the 80's though.
Originally Posted by Iceman View Post
Don't make the mistake of thinking that even 1% of Bon Jovi fans are like you, because they aren't. Don't think you know how Bon Jovi fans think. You don't. You know yourself. Stick to that.
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