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Default Alec John Such's final weeks (/last performance?) with Bon Jovi

hey folks!

Trying to track down Alec John Such's final performance with Bon jovi. He did play on the promotional video for "Always" [seen @ 2:06] which was released on September 20, 1994 as the first single for the best of collection "Crossroads".

They did some sort of promotional tour for the compilation, playing TV shows here and there.

Alec appears at least:

01 "Holland 1994"

02 "Testo 1994"

03 "Recorded live in the MTV studio 1994"

Now on that MTV performance Alec looks pretty rough and fragile...

...and at some point during the fall of 1994 was shelved from the band as we have Hugh playing for these other performances:

1994-11-23 "Tonight Show"

1994-12-05 MSG, NYC

So I wonder what's up? Anyone knows more about the fall 1994 happenings? Also wondering about the exact dates of those above mentioned performances where Al is playing? Anyone?
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