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To dig out this thread once again.
After doing a lot of research for the just released 1994/1995 era on our touring page, I'd like to write down the timeline as far as possible.
Additions are very welcome - especially if someone knows anything about when the band officially stated Alec's departure.

1994/06/04 - MTV Movie Awards - with Alec

1994/07/02 - release of Kerrang Magazine wirting about rumours of Alec leaving the band and quoting him "I'm not doing the next record with them" and "well, Jon always thinks I suck anyway!"
(you can read the article here: )

1994/07/20 - release of RAW-magazine quoting him “I’m gonna be doing the tour, but they’re using a guy called Huey MacDonald. I’m not doing the record with them this time, I have no desire to.” and "Jon tells me I suck all the time".
(you can read the article here:

1994/09/03 - Festivalbar, Marostica, Italy - with Alec

1994/09/07 - Top Of The Pops, London, England - with Alec

1994/09/22 - Top Of The Pops, Niagara Falls, New York, USA - with Alec

1994/10/08 - MTV Studios, New York City, New York USA - with Alec

1994/10/10 - TROS, Hilversum, Netherlands - with Alec
--> this is as far as we could find out, the last documented performance with Alec.

1994/10/24 - Rockline Radio, Los Angeles, California, USA
--> interview with Jon and Richie and Jon is asked about the rumours concerning Alec. After he first skipped the question, the host asked once again if Alec is leaving the band and Jon replied "it may be".

1994/10/28 - The Late Show with David Letterman, New York City, New York, USA - with Hugh
--> this is the first documented performance with Hugh on bass. In the afternoon of the same day the whole band played a small acoustic show at the Hard Rock Café in New York. But only an audio bootleg exists and since Jon doesn't introduce the band on that one, we can't say anything about the line-up but it has to be assumed that Hugh played with them on that one, too. (anything else wouldn't make any sense).

All the recordings to the appearances mentioned above can be found here:
I think leaving out the videos in this post makes it clearer to read.
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