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Default America The Beautiful

I've been watching this video for months, and I'ms till impressed. This is a really beautiful song, and the edit version for the video is really better than the 4 minutes full version with guitar solo.
Did you see how Jon's eyes were full of emotion during the beginning of the first chorus? he tried to keep away from the camera for a while, just to recover a regular face... he really seems to be full of emotions, melting emotions with pain, anger...
I know Jon said that we could download this song and video for free. I didn't give a donation (in fact, I did : I sent three 7" to the Yngwie Malmsteen fan club for an auction for the Red Cross, and actually, everything gained 110 $), but I hoped they could have released the song as a single, including full version, edit and video, with all profits going to a caritative action.
i know a lot of people here just dislike, or purely hate America The Beautiful, cause it's light years away from the regular Bon Jovi style. But it was for a right thing. 1 year and a half after, it's still a nightmare thinking about the 9/11 events. But releasing a single to help all those people would have been such a great action from the band.
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