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Default An open letter to John Bongiovi: please quit and never ever reunite anymore

Thereís no doubt over the last 15 years Jon has been some what money driven. Hence the WAN tour and album straight after The Circle one finished had barely finished.

He wanted to buy a football team and needed every available dollar... cannot say he hasnít done good with his wealth. The soul kitchens and the rebuilding of homes after a hurricane for example.

He even cancelled the upcoming tour so people got their money back. 100s of bands have postponed with re-arranged dates that probably still wonít happen if those dates are in the near future.

But the delay of an album in a global pandemic is totally out of his hands. Even if he said I want to release it now the label would stop it. Have the physical copies even been made yet? Factories have only just opened in some industries.

So Iím sorry, you canít blame JBJ for this.

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