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Originally Posted by It's my faith View Post
That's a good idea, actually I was thinking for something similar the last days!

This will benefit the other threads with not getting off-topic.

EDIT: Is it possible to have a nested replies here in JoviTalk? Like Reddit... Or rating system for every reply? It would be fun.

Let me start with my random thoughts of today:
It bothers me that one of my favourite songs, Rosie, has too many similarities with this song, which is awesome, too:
I know that Hide Your Heart had been written by Desmond Child (since Robin Beck and Bonnie Tyler recorded it, too), so my bet would be that he stole his own hook and re-worked it on Rosie. Or vice versa. Rosie was recorded for New Jersey and in the early demo batch, so probably written late 87/very early in 88. Hide Your Heart was recorded around the same period of time.
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