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Default Re: BJ slating on CDUK

Originally Posted by Yvonne
I was watching CDUK this afternoon and they do a bit called "hotshots" which is basically showing forthcoming releases, Wanted was on and was reviewed by 3 members of the music scene and each of them slated it. They said "whats the point in covering one of your own songs and making it worse?" "If you cover your own song then you should make it better than the original"
2 out of the 3 said they preferred Wanted the original and that this was just crap.
I saw it, and i just laughed. The 3 'popstars' in question will be forgotten about in 18 months.
The idiot from Busted has slagged them off before, and Busted are possibly the worst thing to come out of the uk in the last year - a boy band trying to be a rock band, and failing miserably! The worst thing is, is that Busted are on the same label as Bon Jovi in the Uk. This dosen't mean i expect them to say they are brilliant and suck up to them. But you would at least think they would have some respect for a band that has been around for 20 years at the same record company and been so successful!
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