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"They took the easy way out'! Are you having a laugh? If they were taking the easy way out, they could eaither have released these 12 songs in their original format and called it Crossroads Part 2. Or have done a straight down the middle acoustic album, which they could probably have done in their sleep.
As for making a ton of money, that's not going to happen, because they aren't promoting it to sell loads of copies.
Let me explain, their first intention was to release an acoustic CD. That didn't work out and they didn't want to release another Crossroads because they had been there, done that. So, they had to release something, and this was the easiest option.

You misunderstood my ton of money comment. I meant it towards your comment about them working their butts off for my benefit, when in fact it is for their own benefit too.

I know they won't make a ton of money off of this album as it was just something to do to fulfill a contract. I think the band knew this too, hence the fact they removed the two new songs. Why waste them on this album when they seem to be pretty good?
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