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Default Bon Jovi 1984-1994 a photographic history by Ross Halfin

JUST WHAT I NEEDED!!!! INSTANT ORDER!!!! Announced only couple of days ago!

Bon Jovi by Ross Halfin is the brand new book from Rufus Publications. At over 400 oversized pages this unique, photographic book covers the band for a ten year period from the mid eighties.

Ross had unique access to the band and the book features both intimate shots and stunning live portraits of the group as they reached the height of their world wide fame. Legendary band manager Doc McGhee provides a full commentary for the text of the book and has also signed the numbered, limited edition version.

The book can be pre-ordered now from and will ship winter 2022:

"Our books are unique. They are not available from shops (unless we say so) and they are designed and conceived in the UK, printed and bound in the world. Above all, they are made with PASSION!"
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