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Default Bon Jovi and Aldo Nova

I know there are a bunch of these topics floating around but ...... check out Aldo's facebook page. There are a bunch of cool pics and stories about him and Jon from '91.

He also posted an unreleased demo that him and Jon wrote form Blood On The Bricks. You can download the MP3 from his page. Just right click it...

Dance of the Dead - Aldo Nova/Jon Bon Jovi Blood demo 1990:

Blood on the Bricks ,(Trivia about song and Video)
First off this song was written by myself and Jon Bon Jovi,at his house in Rumson New Jersey,and it was also about this time that Jon was starting to write his Young Guns 2 soundtrack.We sat down in one of the bedrooms upstairs and I had my guitar in my hands and Jon was sitting to my left on a chair with a note pad.He started by saying that the gang wars in L.A. were really getting out of hand and it would be cool if we were to write something describing a night in the Barrio recreating the tension that reigned in the streets of L.A. night after night.
Right away he thought of the title Blood on the Bricks.I loved it and then of course the music part was left up to me,where Jon would only describe a mood,and I would have to come up with the proper chord sequence to match the image.I then went home and did an elaborate demo,which is 95% identical to the finished album track.
On a funnier note though.While we were in the room writing,Jon had been trying to lose weight and was drinking these Slim Fast shakes.So he was fartig constantly,and so much that when his wife Dorothea entered the room to give us drinks,almost fell on her face,and offered to make me a Slim Fast shake so that i could rival her husband in Flatulence.
She brewed one up for me,and then this led me to brew some up for Jon and so on and so forth.HAHAHA(LOL)
The video was shot in two different locations.One location where you see the band performing the song,and then on another day they shot all the gang stuff.
The director was Wayne Isham,who is famous for all the big Bon Jovi and Metallica videos,and he was good,but i don't think he took me very seriously though and only did the videos because of his relationship with Jon.Not to mention he charged an arm and a leg.
I was in a hotel room in L.A. the first time they sent me a cut of this and remember not getting it at first,but then finally grasping Wayne's vision.
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