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Sebastian Bach interview, a lot of Bon Jovi mentions... (complete interview)

Today, are you on good or bad terms with the Bon Jovi guys?
Iím on good terms with them. I saw Richie in Vegas. We did a song together with Dee Snider onstage for a charity thing. Before, a couple years back in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Jon, Richie, and I killed about 10 bottles of wine [laughs]. I havenít seen Jon in a while, but we were definitely having a great time the last time I saw him.

Can you explain to me why Jon Bon Jovi collects royalties from Skid Rowís debut album?
Because he helped us out. He took us on the road for the whole New Jersey tour, and we signed what was called a production deal at the time, which gave him a cut of the proceeds if we were successful. The last thing anybody ever thought would happen. But actually we were quite successful. It wasnít exactly an overnight success. It took at least two weeks. On the road with him, it was a quick rise.

You donít seem bothered that he still gets a cut.
Some people say [Jon Bon Jovi] got overcompensated. But as years go by, I look at the chance we were given, and most likely, we never would have made it without going on that tour.

Thatís a very diplomatic answer.
Yeah. But we were also given Bon Joviís accountant, a guy by the name of Bruce Colgretter, if you really want to get into the nitty-gritty. That was [pauses, laughs] very handy.
Jon Bon Jovi said about this selfie: "That's a good one!!". U_U morŪ!
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