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In early 1988, Jonís interest in his hometown friendís band led to this locally popular outfit being signed to McGhee Entertainment Inc. Soon afterwards, Skid Row landed a recording contract with Atlantic Records. Jon used his considerable influence to trumpet the virtues of this new band every chance he got in media interviews. And he provided them with valuable exposure by hiring them to play support to Bon Jovi on part of their next tour. It pleased Jon to be able to help Dave Sabo in this way. --- Bach had developed a problem with the terms of the contract Skid Row had entered into years earlier with Jon and Richieís New Jersey Underground Music Company. The needle he felt about this was now spilling out on stage in remarks about the headliners. ~ From the book "Jon Bon Jovi, The Biography" by Laura Jackson

Doc's younger brother Scott became Skid Row's manager and in return for songwriting advice, Jon signed them to a publishing deal with his and Richie Sambora's company New Jersey Underground Music. In their naivety, Skid Row agreed to a deal that ceded a large proportion of their future earning to this company. Skid Row have now sold millions of records but have yet to see most of the money. ~ Star Man: The Right Hand Man of Rock 'n' Roll by Michael Francis
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