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Bon Jovi - Bon Jovi - 35 years old....

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Old 01-21-2019, 03:00 PM
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Thumbs up Bon Jovi - Bon Jovi - 35 years old....


Thoughts? Like it? Love it? Hate it?

I think some of the songs here have been lost to a generation which is a shame. Runaway gets played live but nothing else - unless Jon is feeling in a good mood.

Shot through the Heart, Burning for Love, Break Out, Get Ready and Come Back are great rock tracks

Very underrated album.
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Old 01-21-2019, 05:35 PM
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I remember an interview where JBJ and Richie said they don't like Come Back. Pf... Come Back (after Runaway) is my favorite song of Bon Jovi album. I still listen to this album very often, like right now...
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Old 01-21-2019, 07:13 PM
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Amazing Album!!!

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Old 01-21-2019, 08:28 PM
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Great album still sound in my car often.
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Old 01-22-2019, 04:58 AM
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Shot Through the Heart is my favorite song from this album, followed by Roulette then Love Lies. I continuously go back to the videos from 2010 where they dusted the first two off after 20+ years, and they still sounded quite good then.

even with his current range Jon could easily pull off STTH today, and I wish he would since it would be a great setlist mixup. But we all know hell would have to freeze over for that to happen.
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Old 01-22-2019, 08:23 AM
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My least favourite album from the band, but that doesn't make it a bad one.

Roulette, Love Lies and Get Ready are all amazing tracks.

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Old 01-22-2019, 11:20 AM
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I still love most of this album. I'm kinda bored of Runway now and Love Lies and Come Back are not my Favorites. Have to be in the right mood for She Don't Know Me. But when it's good it's fantastic! Get Ready, Roulette, Burning For Love, Shot Through The Heart, Breakout...never get bored of them!
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Old 01-22-2019, 11:37 AM
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“Burning for love” and “Come back” were the very first songs Jon and Richie wrote together. Actually, I'm very fond of this album, it's way better than many post-2000 tracks!
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Old 01-22-2019, 02:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Thinny View Post
I still love most of this album. I'm kinda bored of Runway now and Love Lies and Come Back are not my Favorites. Have to be in the right mood for She Don't Know Me.
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Old 01-22-2019, 02:24 PM
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I have to be in the right mood for the album and some songs, namley Get Ready (only the way it sounds on the record, not live) and She Don't Know Me never got me. But still loving Runaway, Shot Through The Heart and Burning For Love. The others are decent as well and even though it sounds very 80's, it aged better than the Fahrenheit record in my opinion.
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