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Bon Jovi Mentioned In A Race Discrimination Suit

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Old 07-07-2017, 01:56 AM
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Default Bon Jovi Mentioned In A Race Discrimination Suit

TMZ: Black Stars Treated Like Criminals ... Bon Jovi Gets VIP

TMZ: Sam Hayes...A former Atlanta Hawks security manager who also ran event security at Philips Arena is suing the team claiming he was wrongly fired after pointing out a system of discrimination against black celebs at the arena...

...Drake and Future performed at Philips Arena and had asked to bypass metal detectors on their way inside, but their requests were denied. One week later, AC/DC performed and made the same metal detector bypass request -- but theirs was granted. The pattern continued ...

Tyler Perry -- DENIED
Amy Schumer -- GRANTED

(Musical Acts)
Kanye West -- DENIED
2 Chainz, Jeezy, The Dream -- DENIED
Adele -- GRANTED
Bon Jovi -- GRANTED

(Non-Musical Acts)
WWE Live Tour -- GRANTED
Ringling Brothers -- GRANTED

...When a black security officer told a white member of Radiohead's crew he had to walk through a metal detector...the crew member responded by dropping his pants. Hayes says a white staffer intervened and allowed the crew member to bypass. Hayes says he went to management and was told, "Hip hop acts draw a different crowd and the white acts bring in more money."

Hayes says he was ultimately fired for bringing the issues to light -- though he was told he was axed for reprimanding lower level staffers without first consulting Human Resources...a team spokesperson telling TMZ Sports, "[Samuel Hayes] was terminated for poor performance and his claims are baseless."
The guy was put in charge of event security for the entire venue, but didn't have the authority to direct his own subordinates? Good luck with that defense in court. What was Hayes supposed to do if a bomb went off -- wait until Human Resources opened the next business day?

Unless the staffer who intervened for the Radiohead crewmember outranked the black one, he had no business doing so -- and if Hayes called him on it but didn't get the backing of HIS superiors, THEY'RE the ones with the poor job performance.

The types of audiences that musical genres draw is not relevant to the issue of security screening of the performers and their crews. And if hiphop acts in particular are feeling discriminated against, maybe they should stop generating a reputation for attacking each other backstage:

and onstage:

Troy Ave was shot up after making bail; Taxstone accepted a 20-year plea deal; Rob Stone was paid extra not to appear on a bill that Xxxtentacion was on; a relative of Xxx was shot less than a week ago. And maybe tighter venue security would have prevented the theft of $3M US in jewelry from Drake's tour bus.

The pic, of course, is a TMZ-manufactured travesty, and Matt has been alerted -- Jon would NEVER dress like that for a Drake concert!

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