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Originally Posted by JackieBlue View Post
The Bon Jovi song that has helped me over my very roughest patch is "Story of My Life". When my dad was dying and I'd have tough days, my older brother, Steve, would ask if I was doing okay; and then he'd hug me and say, "You're not; but you will be?" To my knowledge, Steve had never heard SOML, so years later, when I heard Jon sing "I know you know I'm not alright, but I'll be okay", it made me smile.

In 2014, Steve was diagnosed with cancer; and he often went through the same routine when it was hard for me to cope with knowing I was gonna lose him way too soon - just a few months later as it turned out. Today when I listen to SOML, it may not be as easy to smile at Jon's words, but I can still feel Steve's hugs, and hear the smile in his voice, when he'd say, "You're not, but you will be?"

Writing this has made me realize there's even a connection between the two songs. While it makes me incredibly sad that Steve won't be "by my side when I'm writing the last page", Richie sings of a "guide...that helps you pass from world to world". Since Steve has always been the wind beneath my wings, it wouldn't surprise me at all if he's my Guide when the time comes.
Thanks for sharing. Sorry for your loss.

SOML is one of those forgotten songs, I guess. As for Richie's "The Answer", I was surprised to know that he wrote it when he was 19.

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