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Old 11-08-2019, 10:59 PM
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Originally Posted by bonjovi90 View Post
I think Bobby was primarily kept around because he and Jon used to be really good friends (and Phil had confirmed that Bobby was essential in terms of keeping the humour up in the band and his vocal contributions). He also used to introduce him onstage as "my good friend Bobby Bandiera..." in later years.
But I'm also quite certain he kept him after the HAND tour in order to have some sort of safety net in case they had to make it through one night when Richie couldn't play. Maybe he had at first even thought that Bobby could handle lead guitar for a couple of shows if needed, we don't know that. After Puerto Rico he certainly knew better. And anyone who had seen Richie deteriorating from early 2006 up to the unplugged show in 2007 can understand that it would've been quite naive to go on like "yeah this will work".
I mean maybe. I still think he was there as an extra vocalist, an extra rhythm guitar and someone who knows the back catalouge better than anyone in the band. There's a reason he's the human jukebox and was probably one of the biggest reasons setlists stopped being so varied when he left. If you're going in to tours with the fear your lead guitarist will go AWOL I can't think Jon would keep someone on stage just in case.

Richie's playing for sure started going downhill 2006 on (or he started getting bored with it, either one, but it's not like his playing went back to what it was pre-2005 when he went on his own). If there was danger of Richie walking as early as 2007 I think the machine would have slowed down a touch.
Originally Posted by Iceman View Post
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Old 11-09-2019, 05:54 AM
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That latest Podcast with Andy (not sure of his user name on here) was pretty good... I pretty much agreed with all of it.

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Old 11-09-2019, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Rdkopper View Post
That latest Podcast with Andy (not sure of his user name on here) was pretty good... I pretty much agreed with all of it.

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Thanks for the feedback. The one that was uploaded last night? Andy spoke really well about the band. Love having him on and we had a great laugh.

This is the latest one for those who haven't heard it yet. We spoke about 'Unbroken' and asked each other questions and ones that got sent over via Twitter.

We've said we want to try and do a face to face one once a month or so. Speak about different things each time so it was good to do this the day after 'Unbroken' was released.

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