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Originally Posted by YOVANAfromPeru View Post
It sounds like a fun thing for fans to enjoy but I don't think it needs it's own Sticky bumping down the YouTube Thread.

I don't mean to sound arrogant but as a seasoned fan, I wasn't overly impressed. The topics were way too basic, ran on for way too long, and I couldn't understand/hear what the other guy was talking about.

Example: If you're going to talk about how great the box set is for twenty minutes don't just say "yeah, Mrs 4th of July was great and should have made the album". Talk about what makes it great. Talk about the state Jon was in when he wrote the songs. He wrote it during the grey summer. Who is Mrs 4th of July? Is it the New Jersey Tour? Is it the Record Industry? Is it Doc? what is this referring to? "The queen of the roses has left us with nothing but thorns"

These are the things I want to hear discussed.
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