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Originally Posted by Rdkopper View Post
There should be an update on legalities.

Just for my own curiosity I'm sure the file sharing of official material is illegal, although you can easily rip or record right off of YouTube without someone banging down your door like in the Napster days...

But is sharing audience recordings still considered illegal? Back in the day, people would record a show and put it on a tape or CD and sell it which made it illegal... Now everything is on YouTube and some bands even embrace it.

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You can rip things off youtube for your own personal enjoyment and take the risks, absolutely. It's still illegal but the odds of getting caught for THAT are pretty nill. That's a world of difference to sharing the materials here. The board has a much wider footprint then a single fan's downloading and the song owners/label would have every right to crack down on it.

Audience recordings I'm not sure how the legalities work but studio recordings are an absolute no-go here.
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Don't make the mistake of thinking that even 1% of Bon Jovi fans are like you, because they aren't. Don't think you know how Bon Jovi fans think. You don't. You know yourself. Stick to that.
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