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Originally Posted by Captain_jovi View Post
You can rip things off youtube for your own personal enjoyment and take the risks, absolutely. It's still illegal but the odds of getting caught for THAT are pretty nill. That's a world of difference to sharing the materials here. The board has a much wider footprint then a single fan's downloading and the song owners/label would have every right to crack down on it.

Audience recordings I'm not sure how the legalities work but studio recordings are an absolute no-go here.
As far as I know everything is fine as long as it has not been officially released anywhere. MTV stuff no-go, official BJ stuff no-go. The only problem is that they often just spit out a live album and copyright strike everyone who uploaded it previously on youtube. I don't collect neither share official material, don't worry about that. Also I think the authorities have better things to do then striking people for collecting bootlegs from 30 years ago.
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