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It was in Skid's contract that Jon would get a certain cut of whatever the Skid's made on their first record. Shrewd, yes. Smart, yes. Jon saw something, and took an opportunity. Skid Row were greatly helped (to say the least) by Bon Jovi, and made plenty of money because of Jon. At the time, Jon was in his late 20's and was still after everything he could get. He's always been a very smart business man.

They got into some fight backstage. Depends who you believe on what happened. Jon says he was pissed because of the language Sebastian was using on stage as an opening act and "knocked him on his ass". Sebastian says Jon threatened him while being protected by his bodyguards.

In any event, Jon clearly could care less, while Sebastian still holds a grudge. Any time I've seen him live, he always makes a snide remark about Jon.
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