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Originally Posted by dcj28 View Post
Just been on another forum where someone said BJ ruined Skid Rows career by taking a cut of their record sales. He also said they ruined Cinderellas career as well not sure why?
Yes it certainly ruins your career when one of the biggest bands in the world gives you an opening slot on their tour. They did lose a lots of money, but like Snake has said,

as far as that whole thing goes, we basically signed a shitty deal, but we all signed it, and contrary to what anyone might say, we all knew what we were doing. It's just that when success hit, we realized how much we had given up and it was quite a bit. But, we still made a pretty penny ourselves.

Maybe some other lead singer had more to do with ruining their career.

Originally Posted by dcj28 View Post
But does anyone think SR would have got anywhere without JBJs help in the first place as they arent exactly world dominators now are they?
Maybe, but probably not as fast as they did.
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