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Without Jon and Richie help we probably never heard about band like Skid Row. I say probably because who may knows.
In fact BJ make them popular. They were opening shows for BJ, BJ take them for Moscow Music Peace Festiwal, they play some songs with BJ, they sign their first contract only because Jon helped them.

It's good band but BJ make them so popular. There are MANY HRock bands which play good music but noone help them and they aren't popular.

However if they made it without Jon's help, it would have probably been too late for them anyway, assuming it would have taken them a few years longer to get a debut album out.
Im sure they'd still prefer to have made the money and fame they did than none at all; without Jon's help getting a record deal/being a support act, they would have never achieved success before the hard rock era came to an end
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