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Originally Posted by Kathleen View Post
A favorite high end audio shop of mine closed 2 years ago. When they moved out they found stacks of vinyl they had forgotten they had - some of the original Led Zeppelin records.

We did an audio test with queing up the vinyl vs. queing up the cd and played them side by side (I have a very high end system in my living room). No way would I go back to vinyl - or even want any to play. There was no comparison in the sound.

If you're even considering Bon Jovi or 7800 (those first two particularly) - get the remasters from 98/99? They sound far better than the original vinyl that was just dumped onto CD.
Since I bought all my stuff recently, I have the remasters of all the early albums. (Thursday marks the anniversary of my first Bon Jovi purchase. Busy year! LOL) Some of the novelty stuff that was released on vinyl early on is sort of tempting when I see it on eBay. Of course, I find LOTS of stuff on eBay tempting! I'm so weak . . .
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