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I'm quite surprised that they don't change the set at all. When I saw them in 2015 or when, they changed the set quite on back to back nights.

Anybody will definitely have a blast. I know it's "only" a tribute band but I was blown away when Oli sang the hight parts of Runaway or more when they actually did teh key change in I'll Be There For You (which is something BJ have never done). Knowing tons of bootlegs, I have had the feeling of listening to a BJ show from the KTF tour.
One more very interesting thing is to hear the new songs sung with "young Jon". for example Have A Nice Day, Born To Follow, We Don't Run or Radio Saved My Life - those came when Jon couldn't sang with power as on the record. Bounce play them with even more power live
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Aldo Nova - Bright Lights
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