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Originally Posted by Supersonic View Post
Aloha !

You'll have a blast, they get very close in their sound and their singer gives it his all. It's as if 1991 Jon Bon Jovi sings the entire catalog. The only reason I've stopped bothering with them is because of their lack of album cuts. Once you've seen the hit show you've kinda seen it all.

I'm sure Dom can answer this, he's their number one male groupie!

Salaam Aleikum,
Haha Yeah, at times I was trying to get them to play all my favourite album cuts that Jovi never did live and at times they probably hated me for the insane amount of requests

I agree with you about the lack of album cuts, at some point it feels like you've seen it all and rather stop bothering. But I can still answer the question, I guess. The reason they play these turds is because the main audience is made out of turds. As harsh as it may sound, but all those middle-aged women that used to stand in the front rows at German BJ concerts until 2011 now stand in front of Bounce every week and celebrate songs like BWC, Born To Follow or Captain Crash like it's the best thing since sliced bread. And the band seems to have gotten a knack for playing the dull rock turds of the band's catalog.

Originally Posted by Johny View Post
I'm quite surprised that they don't change the set at all. When I saw them in 2015 or when, they changed the set quite on back to back nights.
Not that much, there had been two changes due to Olli having had lost his voice between the two shows back then (IBTFY got pulled to the first half for Always and Diamond Ring had replaced Wild In The Streets in the encore).

Originally Posted by Elvistico View Post
Imagine Bon Jovi actually playing this setlist and including unbreakable. I have to admit that for a second I thought it was a mistake and that song had to be undivided. Then it hit me that they have indeed released this song unbreakable. So long ago since I heard that one. Was it a crush or a bounce outtake?

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It was a HAND bonus track
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