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Originally Posted by Taija
Originally Posted by Sara
Jon played Life's too short in Germany 1998. (Life's too short was actually a Sex Sells demo from Jon).
In the beginning of the version that I have, Jon says that "This is probably going to be on our next album so bootleggers roll your tapes" or something like that.
That was in the time that Jon still thought that he was going to release another album (Sex Sells)... But obviously that never happened and Crush was the next album (which includes a couple of songs that Jon originally planned for SS).

Originally Posted by Sara
Cadillac man was written for a movie (with the same title)...
But was never used?

These both are great songs and should have been on albums!!!

No unfortunately not... And I defenately agree with you that they should have been released - especially with Cadillac man! But well... who knows what the Box set will contain ! Cadillac man is for me one of the unreleased songs on top of the list of songs that I'd really like to see on the Box set.
-- Sara
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