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Jon was asked during the Crush press conference about the the title Sex Sells, which was what Crush was going to be called. Jon said they had a song of the same name; and it was a big stadium rocker that was going to be on the album and be the title track. Sex Sells was supposed to be produced by Bob Rock and Bruce Fairbairn. However Bruce died and Bon Jovi had some record label issues. During the delay while looking for a new producer and a record label; Jon and Richie wrote and demoed an additonal 30 songs to the 30 they already had. After the new 30 songs were born some of the orginal ones that were going to be on the disc to be released in 99 were dropped. Sex Sells the song and the cd title were both dropped, and Crush came out in 2000. Jon said we would hear Sex Sells as a b side or on the box set. Considering it was not a Crush b side it should end up on the box set. The Sex Sells that was supposed to come out in 99, would have basically been the solo cd that Jon was going to release in the fall of '98. Jon signed on for U-571 and put his solo cd on hold. By the time he was done of U-571 it was decided it was time for a band effort. Just Older, Stay, Life's Too Short For Days Like These, and Hush are just a few of the songs that waereintended for Jon's 3rd solo disc.

To best of my knowledge no one outside the Bon Jovi camp has heard the song Sex Sells.
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