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Calling Ovation Richie Sambora RSE225-5 double neck owners! Please read!

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Old 12-20-2018, 10:50 AM
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Default Calling Ovation Richie Sambora RSE225-5 double neck owners! Please read!


I'm calling all Ovation Richie Sambora RSE225-5 double neck owners. While the actual guitar is beautiful unfortunately there's a logistics error where guitar can move freely inside the case during transportation causing damage to the instrument.

I have already received this instrument twice, most recently yesterday. Both had cracks on the "pearl" edging just below the 12-string neck.

This might be a major concern since the guitars are shipped in a special case which has velcro tapes that wont hold the necks firmly on their place.

I'm already sorting this out with the seller and have sent mails and FB-messages to Ovation.

But in case you have received this beatiful instrument, I'd advice you to check it thoroughly.

Have to add that at least one youtube video of unboxing this particular guitar has different case. This case (GC9115) holds the guitar firmly and safely in its place yet it doesnt have any velcro tapes.
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