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Originally Posted by BJFan99 View Post
Actually, there are shitloads of songs by other bands/artists that sound very similar to Bon Jovi. For example, Saturday Night and ITA say hello here:
‪that is not a so small band in South America, you can hear BJ in a lot of their songs... I think everybody knows, at least in SA, that they are big BJ fans and actually they opened for Bon Jovi in Argentina ‘17 and during their opening act they said so... I guess BJ are cool with that, I mean they at least would know who are their opening act.‬

Originally Posted by rickysambo View Post
Yeah, that's the riff/melody of Saturday night note for note!
I had stumbled upon this [0:20 onwards], and noticed similarities with Bon Jovi's Unbreakable riff,:
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‪Wow!, maybe there’re a lot of BJ fans around the world? >_< jajajaj‬
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