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Originally Posted by Dave 1986 View Post
Another necro’d thread for another of Jon’s 1 minute reviews;

Crush is 20 years old this year and he’s still very fond of the album and acknowledged its poppier sound but I was amazed that he listed “She’s a Mystery” amongst his favourites. I’ve always liked the song myself although a lot of people here don’t.

I’ve always had a funny relationship with this album. It was my first Bon Jovi album, had it for my 14th Birthday the year it was released. There are some great songs and some weak ones. Sometimes I love playing it and other time’s I just don’t really care for it.
She is a Mystery feels atmospheric, but my favorite slow is Mystery Train.

about that double album conversation ... Crush is the perfect album for this. I might love a double crush album ... and well, we still haven't heard some songs that were in sex sells.

Regardless, I understand it's not a double album, as they were at an uncertain point in their career, and releasing a double album would have been suicide.

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