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Originally Posted by Xavi View Post
"from Its My Life to a fan favourite Captain Crash" says the text that Jon wrote on instagram.
I kind of see where he's coming from. For a good decade the front row at European concerts consisted of morons throwing confetti and requesting Captain Crash. Not because they liked the song but because it made Jon respond to them.

As for Crush; it's a dated album and most of the songs on it just aren't very good. They tried blending Britpop, which was on its last legs, with the sound of boybands, which were also on its last legs. Luke Ebbin got a lot of credit for making Bon Jovi sound fresh but without It's My Life hardly anyone would've heard this album as most of the rest of the record is forgettable. As a result the album was liked by those who listened to pop music but despised by those who listened to rock music.

Most of it didn't go over well in concert either, the new songs constant switched positions and it never really worked. Say It Isn't So, Next 100 Years, Two Story Town and Thank You For Loving Me all went over like a lead balloon and caused a real low point in the set when playing back to back.

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