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Originally Posted by Faceman View Post
But that's always been the problem with new album tracks.
Even in the 90s the audience got silent when too much new tracks got played right in a row. It was just that the rest of the set and the band's performance made up for it way better than in the 2000s.
I disagree with this. There's a difference between a quiet audience or an audience that gets restless. Anytime the new stuff got played crowds grew restless. Two songs of Crush back to back sucked the life out of a show.

When Bon Jovi toured Keep The Faith every song played off the album worked when played live. There was no need to keep shuffling the songs around. The band were able to tour These Days in 1996 and play album cuts without any problem. They tried the same with Crush on the One Wild Night Tour and songs from Crush were always limited to just 5. Mystery Train, Two Story Town, Next 100 Years and Thank You For Loving Me showed up occasionaly and always went over like a lead balloon.

No such thing happened with any Bon Jovi album before and it's because the songs just aren't good enough. No one's requested any of those songs after the album cycle ended either just like no one's asking for Joey, Welcome To Wherever You Are or most of the The Circle either.

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