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Originally Posted by dqgirl View Post
I don't completely agree with these statements. You make it sound as though it was a process or group decision to look and sound different from how they looked and sounded in the 80's.

I think of it as more a natural progression. I know I'm not the same person that I was in the 80's. I wouldn't expect them to be, either. Would they still be where they are now if they looked and sounded like they did in the 80's? I really don't think they would be.

You must be kidding me! A natural progression? That's how you call work with Max Martin? This was an album DESIGNED from A to Z to attract new audience, mainly the teenier boppers who by 2000 were slowly approaching mid-puberty. Keep The Faith was a natural progression. These Days was a natural progression. Crush wasn't.

Anyhow, I think it's a fairly decent album. Not the best, by far not the worst and actually, in my opinion, their best post 2000 record. better than both HAND and Bounce not to mention LH.

The only song that stands out is Say It Isn't So, easily one of the best songs BJ have ever come up with. I would have preferred a rougher guitar solo but otherwise nice riff, good melody and excellent lyrics.
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