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Demo/rare songs that should have made an album

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Old 11-02-2003, 09:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Becky
There are very few demos I don't like: Hush and No Regrets are the only two I can think of.
Hush is one of my favourite Bon Jovi tracks...

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Old 11-03-2003, 12:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Becky
Cadillac Man
One of my favourite Bon Jovi songs. I hope that this song is in the box set.

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Old 11-03-2003, 01:38 AM
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Default Re: Demo/rare songs that should have made an album

Originally Posted by davefan
good guys is a soundtrack no demo lol
Exactly, and the reason why it didn't get played live regularly, isn't a well known Bon Jovi song and won't be getting played live anytime soon.

Edge of a Broken Heart is also not a demo, but on a soundtrack...a song even Jon recognizes as being a mistake for not putting on Slippery...but you won't be hearing it performed live anytime soon, either.

I think any new song that didn't appear on a Bon Jovi album specifically should be considered a candidate. Good Guys and Edge both suffered as a result of their placement on soundtracks despite being some of the best material the band has ever done.

I wish Mister Big Time had been put on a proper Bon Jovi album. Yes, officially it's a Jon solo track..but it got lost on the Armageddon soundtrack unlike the Blaze of Glory material and Destination Anywhere material which is always up for consideration anytime Jon hit's the road solo.

I've never been big on lacks something and is appropriately a demo that never made it to an album.

Field of Fire is better.....but lyrically it seems off....incomplete and not quite ready to be put to an album. To me it just seems like the verses and chorus don't quite go together. Sonically, it's happening.

Starting All Over Again should have made KTF..but re-recorded. Jon's vocal is just too much. I'd rather they take it an octave lower....and this is about the only song I can think of when I listen to it and think Jon needs to relax a bit.

About that list of demos being made into a double album and people being upset about already having them on singles and what not, wanting songs they haven't heard instead. Well, there isn't a bottomless mine of unreleased songs that are worthy. I for one would like a set like that cuz it compiles all of those songs in one place. Yes I have alot of them...but not all..though I know where to get them. It's just too much trouble.

One thing about Bon Jovi and their demos..most often with a band..when a demo doesn't make the album, it's cuz it wasn't worthy. I think most of us can agree that with Bon Jovi this is far from being the case. It's almost maddening at times how some of these songs were left by the wayside. Just a week ago I was having an argument with a friend of mine who said that if it's a demo that isn't on an album, then it's not as good. I wasn't successful in changing his mind though . But then, he doesn't like Bon Jovi, so playing any of those demos isn't the solution.
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demo, demos

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