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Default "Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore" - Question

OK, this is an absolute favorite of mine but for the longest time I thought something was really off with the pitch and or speed of the track that is circulating all over the place (Just check YouTube and hear for yourself).

It just doesn't sound right to my ears, it's all too plodding and heavy (Not that there's anything wrong with it, mind you)
Jon doesn't sound like that on any other track I can think of, and it doesn't sound like he's making this heavy voice just for effect.

So I loaded the tune into Audacity and made a couple of experiments:

1 - I raised the whole thing by a semitone which sounds better during the verses but too chipmunk-esque during the choruses and still sounds too heavy overall.

2 - I sped up the track by 4% which I think overall sounds more like Bon Jovi both the vocals and the music.

So what's the verdict? What do you think is the correct speed/pitch for this song?

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