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Default Edge Of A Broken Heart

ok....i found this on a single i borrowed from a friend (i 4get which one) about 6 months ago.
fell in love with this song the second i heard it.
the heartbreaking...yet so inspiring.
i can relate 2 it 100%.....almost kills me hearing it,yet i could have this thing on a loop all day.

just a couple of questions: when was this recorded?
(it was on a 90s cd single,perhaps from KTF)
it sounds like it is from the NewJersey era.

& also....r there any live soundboard shows where this was played live?
(probably common knowledge amongst most fans....but im not up on the bon jovi outtakes/bootlegs scene that much....ask me about any Prince bootleg tho! )

also give ur opinions on this song.
this sound with She Dont Know Me....If I Was Your Mother....Only Lonely etc...
THIS is the stuff i love.
(made a compilation of songs called "riding the night with Bon jovi" ....i think u probably get the jist of the sound im talking about.

peace & thanx if u can help
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