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Default Everyday - please help

I know its been on the Internet for ages but if anyone could send me a version of Everday, I would really appreciate it. I have got an excuse why I havent got it yet actually, Ive been on holiday in Italy for the past two weeks. I could have downloaded it in an Internet cafe but I dont think the owner would have appreciated Everyday being blasted out of the speakers all over the shop! Still, I did consider it...

The only part I have heard is a little snippet that keeps repeating the same part of the song and that tends to piss me off after about five seconds. I tried WinMX and the like, but they are all crap.

I have actually thought about not hearing it until i hear it on the radio, but my local radio stations only play Gareth Gates and Westlife 24/7 so I cant be bothered waiting.

Thanks lots and lots and lots

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