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i don't dislike everyday. but is it in my top 10 or even top my top 20 all time favorite bon jovi songs? no. it's one of those songs that i have to be in the right mood to listen to. i really don't feel the need to hear it live again after hearing it done on the Bounce tour. if they want to do a song off of that album i would much rather hear undivided, the distance, or hook me up over everyday.
Albany, NY 12/12/05. JBJ to me from the stage: "You been a good girl this year?" (Reads my sign) "Jon, It's almost Xmas I've been a very good girl! Play Blood on Blood please!" (cue me on the big screen) JBJ: "How good have you been? Oh My God!" (laughs, more teasing) JBJ: "You want it huh, you want it huh? Blood on Blood just for you, the good girl in the front row? The all request hour, the girl in the front row has just asked for Blood on Blood, ok, Merry Christmas young lady!" Amazing <3
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