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Aloha !

I partially agree with Dom's choices. I think if you'd add a show from April 1993 in there and then one of the shows done in Asia in may 1995 you've got the basics covered. I think Frankfurt 1996 is also a pretty good show.

I've never understood the enthusiasm for Helsinki 1996 though. The entire show has an interesting set but a terrible flow, a thing which often happened with these long shows in 1996. With the amount of ballads they either worked or they really didn't. Cologne 1996 is similar but a far better show. It's not to say Helsinki is terrible, it's a good show. But one of the best? Nah...

Originally Posted by James_86 View Post
As for favourite ever, I think they're already listed above. Yokohama 96, Wembley 95 run etc. There's so many from that period.
I'v no idea why people keep mentioning Wembley and Yokohama as great.

Jon blows his voice out after Always and gets raspier and raspier as the night goes on and by the time they're hitting the encores the entire band is tired and sloppy. Yeah, they're better than most of what was done that came after but compared to several other shows in 1995 Wembley isn't really that good. Rotterdam 1995 is far better.

Then there's the broadcasted show of Yokohama in 1996, which is about the worst show of the 1996 tour. The first night is slightly better but also not particularly great and yet the third night is a different band where everything suddenly seems to work. The difference between the second and third show at Yokohama is night and day.

How people who supposedly have listened to multiple Bon Jovi shows don't hear these things is beyond me. Then again, I think it's also the reason why so many fans still think Bon Jovi are a great band.

Salaam Aleikum,
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