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Default Favorite sites / fanpage about Bon Jovi

Each of us probably has their favorite pages or fanpage on Facebook about Bon Jovi. Let's gather them in one place so that as many people as possible can get to know such sites.

Bon Jovi - Always - Polski Fanklub (Facebook)
This is a site about Bon Jovi where I spend probably the most time. Fanpage administrators are also the creators of the official Bon Jovi fan club in Poland - (existing since 2001!). On fanpage, editor Ricky takes care to remind and commemorate every important date in the band's history (e.g. cult concert, album premiere, etc.). Current videos of what is happening in Bon Jovi (photos, films, statements) are posted on a regular basis. The editor of Bodzio makes sure that from time to time there are contests with prizes in which everyone can take part. Currently, for example, for supporting the functioning of the website, you can receive a mug commemorating the Bon Jovi concert in Poland with Jon in our fan t-shirt. The creators of fanopage cooperate / promote, among others, Damned TV, CauseMusicIsMyBestFriend or Andrzej Citowicz ecc so that fans get fresh premieres with interesting stuff from Bon Jovi World. The creators are strong fans of the band and whenever there is an opportunity they interview the band members, among others, they talked twice with Phil X, 2x Both O'Brian or other people from the world of Bon Jovi like Orianthi. This is a fanpage which in my opinion every fan who wants to be up to date with Bon Jovi should know and highly recommend. Of course, the site is in Polish language, but you do not need to know this language to understand the content posted there! I highly recommend this fan page because I know that many of you may have avoided this site because of the language used by the creators. Nowadays, where we have Google translator it should not be a problem anymore. Take a look and see if you can find anything interesting there.

Jovi Talk
This is my second favorite place about Bon Jovi where I look. I do not have to explain why and promote it, but it is worth mentioning, because what work fans do here over the years is fantastic!

Bon Jovi Russia (Facebook)
Our friends from Russia, like Poles, do a lot of great work on their fanpage. Photos, news information, interesting videos, etc. Strange language, but there is no problem in understanding the content: D

Bon Jovi Stalkerblog (Facebook)
I find here probably the strangest things about Bon Jovi. Very interesting photos, videos that you often don't see elsewhere. I don't know where they get these things, but the fanpage is worth knowing.

This is my 4 places where I usually visit. I encourage you to enter, like and observe. Of course, I'm waiting for your suggestions. If the topic develops I will add another interesting pages about Bon Jovi. Have a nice day!
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