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Default Favourite and least favourite production of a Bon Jovi album

What do you guys think? I haven’t put ‘best/worst’ to make it a bit more personal; also, it’s difficult to compare what was expected in the 80s, 90s, 2000s... Here goes mine:
- Favourite: These Days. Some say it’s overproduced because most TD songs played lived were missing ‘something’; I think it’s more the fact that there are so many layers and fill-ins, too many for 5 guys to play live.
Anyway, every instrument and vocal is so clear, so distinct. You can hear every layer of music, without one interfering with another. In short, the production is extremely clean.
Special mention for Keep The Faith and Bounce too, both albums have a lovely heavy sound that suit Richie and Tico especially.
- Least favourite: This House is not for Sale. I could have said What About Now, but due to Richie’s beefy guitar (on some tracks), I find the production of the latter clearer.
THINFS is Shanks’ wall sound taken to the extreme and I really can’t appreciate it with a band like Bon Jovi (fine for U2, Coldplay, Killers type bands). Everything is one big mush and the drums sound awful, the cymbals and crash seem to deafen my ears.
Special mention for Fahrenheit, although the 80s Survivor style production was in at the time, it’s just difficult to listen too almost 40 years later 🤟🏿
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