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Originally Posted by Captain_jovi View Post
Sorry, what I meant was the original, lossless cd distributed in 2004 is very very hard to find. The bootleg of that is pretty easy to find. Those are the versions most people have but the original, lossless Bells of Freedom in full has never been leaked out to public places like youtube.

Most of the HAND demos are just not different enough to warrant an official release. The pronoun changing is all that's incredibly different in I want to be loved. Would love to see the original Bells released, the lyrics are incredibly better and less about personal empowerment.
That's ok, thanks for clearing that up for me. I appreciate a physical CD copy of the 2004 version is scarce to say the least but I'm not the least bit bothered about a physical copy. I would love to have just a lossless wav/flac rip of the whole 2004 album, even if "Bells of Freedom" is clipped a bit. Never been able to find it and like I say, I've been looking high and low for it (on and off) for a good 10 years now.

I agree that the entire 2004 album in itself probably wouldn't warrant an official release due to now not-very-different it sounds compared to the final album but as part of a digital deluxe edition or something would do.

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