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Default Have A Nice Day - original version

Hi everyone - hope you all are having a great week so far!

So, I'm a big fan, as we all are, from way back in the early 80's. That being said, my favorite record is Have A Nice Day and in particular, the original versions of the songs on that record. I know they're out there on You Tube and places like that but they all sound fairly awful as far as listening quality. My question is, from reading about this record, were there ever copies pressed up and actually released to industry folks, press, etc.? From what I read, it sounds like there were but I haven't heard any quality copies of these. Can anyone confirm that there are copies out there? For the sake of the forum, I'm not asking but I would like to track these songs down at some point in my life, just to hear quality versions of them. For now, I'm really just wondering out aloud and also wondering what others think of the record and the different versions of the record.

Have a nice evening
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