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Originally Posted by bonjovi90 View Post
It's been years since I've listened to, but I vaguely remember that Have A Nice Day, Bells Of Freedem and I Want To Be Loved were different. The others I don't really remember, maybe one line here and there, but no major difference.

Those were the songs with the biggest differences I think, the title track being the most different. There’s also the Keith Urban duet version of “WSYCGH” that was dropped in favour of the Sugarland duet (on some versions), plus “Nothing” and “These Open Arms” were part of the original track list.

I don’t own the whole 2004 version but the mp3s I do have are rather low quality but very listenable. I don’t know how true they are to the original CD version though. I’ve not heard any better quality versions anywhere else but some people have tried to remaster those mp3s on places like YouTube.

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