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Originally Posted by danfan View Post
Been trying to decide for months on a new tattoo. Wanna get something Jovi-related, but not gay, like a heart with a dagger through it. I know some people would never put the name of a band on them, but screw it - Been a die-hard fan for over 20 years now. Can't imagine there's any reason I won't always be one. If nothing else, they've been a big enough part of my life for the better part of it.

Anyways, onto the design. This was the cover of one of the shirts from the 1989 tour. I'm sure some of you will recognize it. I've always loved it. Just gonna leave off the '1989' part on the bottom:

Where on your body would you be getting the tattoo? Cool design/idea!

I've been wanting to get a Bon Jovi related tattoo for some time now, not sure exactly what i'd get though.
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