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Originally Posted by jess
Originally Posted by Thomas Anderson
Originally Posted by Mousebounce
Everyday is just a wannabe It's My Life
...and It's My Life is just a Livin' On A Prayer 2.
Noooooo ! it's not true I can't see why you say that ????
Well, in some ways I can see why people say this. IML is like the second part of Prayer. If anyone was wondering what happened to Tommy and Gina after Prayer, well, you know from IML that they "never backed down". It's not necessarily a Prayer wannabe or a Prayer copycat, but it's almost like a sequal to Prayer. In a good way.

Now, as for the original topic... IML is far better than Everyday. The message in both songs are strong and powerful- both optimistic and positive. However, musically... IML is just so superior. It took me months before I could sing Everyday because it wasn't the type of song that could get "stuck" in my head (which in some cases, is a good thing). It wasn't catchy enough. IML was WAY too overplayed, and right now I'm kind of iffy on this song. But I knew the FIRST time I heard it that it was amazing. And I loved it.
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