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Originally Posted by bounce442 View Post
Good list... the most shameful being Aug 7, 415. Especially after covering RITFW on the previous tour.

And Jon playing an IDENTICAL solo on both (probably the only solo he knew back in the day, still). What I find really bad is the topic of August 7, 4:15. I mean, come on, a song about the tragic death of a little girl. At least write your own ****in' melody Jon Bon Bon!

The others I am more or less ok with. Some are quite blatant, but then again, they've always been honest about generally 'being inspired' by other artists. And since JonBon constantly cites people like Tom Petty, SSSJ, Neil Young or the Animals as major influences, it's ok.

I would add two songs to the list:

Temptation - House of the Rising Sun.

And biggest of them all - Last Man Standing is IDENTICAL to Bob Seger's Turn the Page. You can even interchange lyrics. Ridiculous.
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