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Originally Posted by Crushgen24/88 View Post
I think most of these are coincidental TBH.
Some of them are, yeah. But most of them I feel aren't. When you're writing a song and you use the direct chord progression of another song you just know. It's not a co-incidence when you can copy an entire song directly on another song, it's just not possible.

Originally Posted by Walkerboy View Post
Janie vs Don't Look Back in Anger?!
Not so sure about that.
Destination Anywhere was in the process of being written in late 95, early 96. Jon's lyrics were stolen in Feb 96 (I asked him if he had got them back when I met him March) so I'm pretty sure he'd have got to work on it before Don't Look Back was released.
However, the Oasis single was released while Jon was in the UK filming the Leading Man, so there's a minute possibility that he picked up on it.
Morning Glory was released in the fall of 1995 and Jon picked the album up pretty much the first few weeks of its release. Back then Jon was very much in the whole Britpop scene and didn't need the single release for DLBIA to get the song under his attention. That said, Janie was written in a hotel in Amsterdam in the summer of 1996 during the These Days tour after a fight he'd had with Dorothea. It was not written during the time he lived in London.

Originally Posted by RSROCKS View Post
I agree with you that Janie kind of sounds like Don't Look Back In Anger but I thought Jon was no fan of Oasis? I know he knocked them a couple of years ago when he made that off-colored comment about Oasis not being popular in America for a reason.
Jon was (not sure if he still is) a big fan of Oasis, up to the point of inviting them to tour with them through the U.K. in 1995. I'm not sure but I think they were supposed to be one of the support acts for the Wembley shows but Noel turned them down. After Jon commented on how "Oasis couldn't fill a bar in America" it created a huge backlash among Oasis and other music fans in general. Most felt Jon was talking out of his arse considering how Oasis sold out their date at Madison Square Garden faster than Bon Jovi ever did. Jon later retracted his comments about Oasis saying a reporter twisted his words and that Oasis deserved more promotion in the U.S.A. from the record company considering the talent they had.

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