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Aloha !

Originally Posted by TwinFan View Post
I have a hard time believing that Jon and/or Richie sat down and said "let's steal and copy this song". They're coincidental. Yes, some songs may sound more alike than others, but if you try hard, you can find similarities in each and every song.
Again, parts and bits, but not complete songs. Considering the millions of possibilities out there with the few notes we have chances are slim you'd write the exact same melody another artist has written before. Obviously it's possible, and if it happened once or twice in their career that's fine, but not over a dozen times.

In the end it's the same as me painting 100 pictures of which you recognize 12 from other artists. You'd not be saying "ha, that's just a co-incidence" either.

But go ahead and try before making such a bold claim. Try to find 20 songs by other artists that were nicked from songs previously released.

Salaam Aleikum,
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